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Since 2002 Alfa - Zeta is placed at Starorudzka 6a Street in Łódź. The ground and the building are owned by the company. In 2004 the building has been renovated and it very easily found due to blue - yellow colour.

Where we are. Click to zoom. Thanks to being placed at outskirts of the city close to Wrocław - Katowice rpad, we are very easy to find. We have large parking space suitable also for large trucks. Thaks to this we are always able to be „close to our customers” .

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Alfa-Zeta Co. Ltd.
ul. Starorudzka 6a, 93-418 Łódź
tel.: (+48.42) 689-12-01
tel.: (+48.42) 689-12-02
fax: (+48.42) 689-12-03