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23 December1988Signing of a notary act of establising of Alfa - Zeta Co. Ltd.
1988 - 1999Design - consulting services for testile industry in Poland and full dervice of foreign trade. Representation of Rieter and Mecmor companies.
1992Development of electronic components sales with special emphesize on large size electromagneic displays. Start of co-operation with MARK IV FP Electronics Division
1993The first clock made on large seven segment modules has been built.
1994Signing of exclusivity agreement with Mark IV FP Electronics Division on the Polish market.
1994Electromagnetic displays has been presented in a popular TV game "Wheel of fortune"
1995The first petrol station totem has been delivered to Petrochemia Płock.
1996The first bus destination sign.
1997The first sport sign made on FP elements by SLANDI has been used during World Championship in Fast Skating in Warsaw.
1998A sign made of stripes - showing animations.
1999Introduction of XY5L technology - bus signs.
2000Alfa - Zeta becoms a family company.
2001Extension of operations. Start of co-operation with Super Vision and sales of LED / fiber optics illumination systems. .
2002Purchase of a new business seat.
2002Delivery of 1'000m of fiber optics to National Opera for Don Giovanni performance.
2003The first glass wall illuminated with fiber optics.
2004Alfa - Zeta Co. Ltd. becoms a European distributor of MARK IV FP Electronics divions. .
2004Installation of sign illuminated by FlexLEDs.
2004Beginning of co-operation with Scheidt & Bachmann from Germany and The ChennelLetterBender from The NEtherlands.
2005„Star ceilings” are becoming very popular.
2005Beginning of co-operation with Lumitex, Strongsville, OH, USA.
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