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We are trying to find niche products of non - compromise quality and offer them to our customers together with full infomration and the highest possible service. We feel responsible for a quality of products and services we offer - in case of any problems we are always trying to help - even if it is not resulting directly from sales conditions. We never leave our customers alone with their problems.

  • Electromagnetic displays
    Since 1992 we offer on the Polish market electromagnetic displays made by FP Electronics. Our company was a pioneer of this technology in Poland. We were probably the first to introduce in Poland bus destination signs or petrol station price signs which nowadays are pretty common. We still have a significant market share in displays of large size. Many companies offer different technologies but only we can present thousands examples worldwide prooving reliability of our display technology. There is no other technology which is tested in such a wide working conditions.
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  • Fiber optics technology
    Since 2005 we sell fiberoptics from Roblon and we can nowadays present a very impressive sales dunamics. Thanks to projects we wored on, we gained experience which allows us to offer our customers solutions that satisgy their needs and requirements. We are still learning this technology discovering new applications but we can declare with full responsability that in some market segments we already feel professionalists. Extension of this market are LUMITEX balcklight panels which we currently promote on the Polish market.
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  • LED Lighting.
    We proudly announce that we started to cooperate with UK company ISTL – manufacturer of high quality LED lighting solutions. Today we can offersmall LED modules and large LED fixtures. We also offer DMX drivers iDrive made and patented by ISTL. We guarantee fast deliveries and European quality.
  • Petrol station management systems
    We offer also Scheidt & Bachmann management systems for large pertrol station networks.
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